Long URL Please

Lengthening short urls so that you don't have to.

Safer and more productive browsing. See where links actually link to.
Reduce uncertainty with this plugin, API or bookmarklet

Short URLs say little about where they link to. Don't waste time finding out.

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Not Using Firefox? Try the bookmarklet Long URL Please (drag to your bookmarks toolbar)


Tinyurl replaced with target
  • No idea where it links to
  • Unaware you've been there
  • May secretly link to yucky websites

with LongURLPlease

Tinyurl replaced with target
  • See you've been there before
  • Tell it links to youtube
  • More information before you click
Supporting 82 services:
bit.ly, cli.gs, digg.com, fb.me, is.gd, j.mp, kl.am, su.pr, t.co, tinyurl.com, goo.gl, 307.to, adjix.com, b23.ru, bacn.me, bloat.me, budurl.com, clipurl.us, cort.as, dFL8.me, dwarfurl.com, ff.im, fff.to, href.in, idek.net, korta.nu, lin.cr, livesi.de, ln-s.net, loopt.us, lost.in, memurl.com, merky.de, migre.me, moourl.com, nanourl.se, om.ly, ow.ly, peaurl.com, ping.fm, piurl.com, plurl.me, pnt.me, poprl.com, post.ly, rde.me, reallytinyurl.com, redir.ec, retwt.me, rubyurl.com, short.ie, short.to, smallr.com, sn.im, sn.vc, snipr.com, snipurl.com, snurl.com, tiny.cc, tinysong.com, togoto.us, tr.im, tra.kz, trg.li, twurl.cc, twurl.nl, u.mavrev.com, u.nu, ur1.ca, url.az, url.ie, urlx.ie, w34.us, xrl.us, yep.it, zi.ma, zurl.ws, chilp.it, notlong.com, qlnk.net, trim.li, url4.eu
by Peel Me A Grape
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